How to build and deploy the Elk 2.0 branch


  • Java 5.0
  • Maven 2

How to build and deploy:

  1. Check out the elk-api project from Subversion (see
  2. Build the elk-api project: mvn package
  3. Install the elk-api JAR in your local Maven repository: mvn install
  4. Check out the elk-press project from Subversion (see
  5. Build the elk-press project: mvn package
  6. Deploy the elk-press project using Maven’s Jetty plugin: mvn jetty:run
  7. Start Alces and connect to http://localhost:8080/elk-press/jmf
  8. Start a Status subscription: right-click Send File… button and select 04.Status-Subscriptiong.jmf
  9. Start a QueueStatus subscription: right-click Send File… button and select 05.QueueStatus-Subscription.jmf
  10. Submit the press job that comes with Alces: right-click SubmitQueueEntry… button and selected Elk_ConventionalPrinting.jdf
  11. Elk will start printing the press job and sent Status and QueueStatus signals to Alces with status updates
  12. When the job is finished its status in the Queue will change to PendingReturn. The updated JDF is currently not returned.

You can also deploy the Elk Press in Tomcat 5.5 (or any other servlet container) by copying elk-press.war to Tomcat’s webapps directory.

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