New Elk releases

I just published the first 2.0 releases (2.0.a1) of the Elk Framework and the Elk Press. The releases can be found here:

With the 2.0 release the Elk Framework’s API has changed quite a bit in some places and it is not backwards compatible with the 1.0 API. I know this is a major sin, but to be honest, the 1.0 API was lacking in a lot of places, so the API had to be changed. Hopefully the 3 users out there will forgive me 😉

Anyway, this is the first 2.0 alpha release of the Elk Framework. Not all functionality is in there yet, but my ambition is not to remove or change anything more that already is in the API; only to add.

I hope to be doing more work on the Elk Press this week.

  1. Brian Ray said:

    I forgive you! Keep up the good work. Good luck on your talk at Drupa. Wish I could be there.

  2. Claes said:

    Thanks Brian! I’ll let you know how it goes…

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