Notes on getting the Arduino Eclipse plugin working with reaDIYmate on Mac OS X


  • Mac OS X Mountain Lion
  • Arduino IDE 1.0.4 configured and working with reaDIYmate
  • Eclipse Juno for C/C++

Installation of Arduino Eclipse plugin

General installation instructions for the Arduino Eclipse plugin

Good instructions for configuring the plugin for Mac OS X: Arduino Eclipse Development Environment for Mac OS X


Problems I encountered and how I solved them:

Problem 1: pins_arduino.h cannot be found

When creating my first new Arduino project I got the error below. As suggested here, I solved the problem by copying variants/readiymate/pins_arduino.h to cores/readiymate/ and refreshing and rebuilding.

pins_arduino.h: No such file or directory     Arduino.h     /reaDIYmate_board__ATmega1280__v1_5/readiymate     line 212     C/C++ Problem


Problem 2: Arduino.h cannot be found

When building my  project Arduino.h cannot be found:

Arduino.h: No such file or directory     EclipseTest.h     /EclipseTest     line 9     C/C++ Problem

I tried solving this by editing the project settings and referencing the reaDIYmate_board_ATmega1280_v1_5 project. That did not help.

I imported the folder cores/readiymate/. It solved that compile error but now other things do not compile instead.

I eventually gave up and created a new project. It could compiled without problems! I deleted the bad project.

Problem 3: serial port already in use

When trying to upload to the board I got this error:

Serial port /dev/tty.usbserial-A90159P9 already in use. Try quiting any programs that may be using it
Unknown Application

I quit the Arduino IDE that was also running. Didn’t help.
I unplugged and plugged in the Arduino. Didn’t help.

It turned out the upload was working despite the error. I did not notice this because I had not made changes and rebuilt my project before I uploaded it.

To get of the error message each time I did an upload I checked this setting in Eclipse’s preferences (not the projects): Arduino > Arduino > Disable RXTX

Follow the instructions in the Eclipse plugin’s FAQ: Mac I get the error “serial port is in use” when uploading

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